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All Aboard the Polite Train!!

All Aboard the Polite Train!!

Really?! With everything else the MBTA has to worry about, one of their biggest initiatives (and expenses) of late is managing the behavior of passengers! Just launched, Boston’s MBTA has introduced a Courtesy Campaign to encourage mindfulness of others and polite behavior while aboard. A series of posters touting “Give peace and quiet a chance”, “Put others first”, “Take what’s yours”, “Stand up for others”, and “Make everyone’s commute healthier”, will be plastered across the rails and subways starting in late May. They’ve also hired Celtics star Paul Pierce to record public service announcements encouraging courteous behavior — he’s offering “pointers”, get it? Soooo clever.

I give the MBTA an ‘E for Effort’. Who wouldn’t appreciate a heightened level of awareness among passengers on public transportation? However, is this really the best way for a painfully cash-strapped agency to spend their lacking funds? Newsflash, people are fucking rude, and when they’re all crammed together and in a rush, it gets a lot worse. Further, a quick visit to the MBTA’s website reveals a news release from October of 2008 announcing the exact same program being launched two years ago. If it didn’t work the first time, what is the thinking behind replicating the program two years later? I’d rather have on-time trains that are clean with working A/C and have sober (and non-texting!) drivers than a car full of loveliness that kills all on board because the MBTA can’t afford to fix the brakes.  Just sayin’.

Posted by Sam