All The Single Ladies

Being single on Valentine’s Day, otherwise known as Single’s Awareness Day, might seem like the biggest downer. But if you are single, I offer you my congratulations now – not just for surviving Valentine’s Day (even if you might’ve been sobbing into a carton of Ben & Jerry’s about your single state), but because singleness is actually something to celebrate. Science shows that being single has health benefits.

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For starters, single people tend to be more fit, having lower BMIs and weighing five pounds less on average than married people. Researchers also found that single people worked out more frequently each week than their married peers.

Additionally, singleness can increase creativity and productivity, contributing to greater personal growth than married people. Being single doesn’t mean you have to be lonely – it can mean feeling more independent and having more time to get to know and develop yourself as an individual.

Lastly, single people are more likely to provide and receive help from their social networks than married people, showing a tendency for singles to have stronger social connections. And studies have shown that friendships are important to aging well and increasing happiness – so single people with strong friendships are likely to be healthier and happier.

So, single friends, put your hands up and embrace your singledom!

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