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All the Single Ladies!

All the Single Ladies!

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It is not that I hate Valentine’s Day, I simply wish it didn’t exist. Between the pressure to find a date and the overwhelming amount of chocolate hearts that consume the aisles of CVS, sometimes it’s just too much to take.

With that being said, I’ve been searching for ways to successfully avoid the holiday, without looking bitter or pathetic. And I think I’ve found some solutions:

Absolutely do not:

  • Go out to dinner. Even seeing the most miserable looking couple sharing a meal together might tug at the wrong heart strings.
  • Wear pink or red or black. Pink and red make it seem that you’re supporting the holiday. Whereas wearing black gives the illusion that you’re mourning your singleness (which you probably are but shhhh!). Wear a neutral color like blue or green. This reflects the “Oh, it’s Valentine’s Day? I’ve just been so busy being my fabulous, single self I didn’t even have time to notice!” image.
  • Buy the heart shaped candy. It’ll taste the same in its everyday form.

Absolutely Do:

  • Host a dinner for your girlfriends! There is nothing more fun than researching new dishes to prepare from Pinterest, dressing up a little and playing hostess. And be sure to pop some bubbly – it is a party after all!
  • Buzzed from the bubbly? Perfect! Go out! Celebrate your singleness by going to your favorite bar. You’ll have a guaranteed good time and be surrounded by your closest friends. Sound perfect to me!
  • Take a moment to appreciate your independence. It is a beautiful thing.

Posted by Laura