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Almost as Painful as Divorce Itself

Almost as Painful as Divorce Itself

Any excuse to buy a new piece of jewelry is fine by me.  Hot date?  Get some sexy dangle earrings.  Fun night out?  Pair it with a statement necklace.  Newfound singledom?  Try an ugly-as-sin broken heart ring on for size.  Wait….what?!

Tapping into the pain of the recently split, jewelry designers Spritzer and Furman have introduced the “Divorce Ring,” a $3,200 eyesore featuring an 18-karat gold heart symbolically broken by a dagger of diamonds.  What happened to reconfiguring your wedding band or turning your engagement setting into a different piece?  Or, here’s a novel idea, how about treating yourself to a bauble that doesn’t look like it came from a Cracker Jack box.

After all, divorce is painful enough without having to look at a tacky trinket on your ring finger for the rest of your life.  Honey, trust me, there are much better ways to spend that hard-fought settlement money!

Posted by Abby