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Alright Boston, Whatcha Got For Me?

Alright Boston, Whatcha Got For Me?

Born and raised in New Jersey (and proud of it), I’ve recently taken on a new adventure – now calling Boston my home.

As any eager and slightly terrified millennial does, I’ve read the “10 Things You Must Know” blogs, the what not to-do’s, the places to avoid and subsequently the places to live, but it seems the best insight I’ve received has come from the old fashioned get out there and explore tactic. In doing so, I thought I’d share with you my research (and a few concerns). So, here’s what I’ve got…

  • It’s cold, and I mean cold.
  • The Boston accent is great and all – but it’s not going to happen to me, right?
  • HOW is it possible that every single Dunkin’ Donuts stays in business? We’re talking a DD on every corner, maybe even two. And there are a lot of corners. Math was never my strong suit, but something just isn’t adding up here.
  • Just when I think I’ve gotten the hang of one neighborhood, BAM you hit me with ten more sub-neighborhoods within the 20 neighborhoods you’ve already got. Give a girl a break here!
  • Speaking of neighborhoods, don’t make the mistake of referring to “Southie” as South Boston. You will be corrected and simultaneously out yourself as a newbie.
  • If you didn’t like the Red Sox before, you do now – or at least that’s what you tell people.
  • And of course, allow me to introduce you to my first and dearest friend I’ve made here, the T. AKA the real MVP.

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  • Now saving what will ultimately be the toughest adjustment for last – pumping your own gas is an art form that I just simply have not mastered yet. Stay tuned…

While I have no doubt I will quickly adjust to these changes, the fact of the matter is – you can take the girl out of Jersey, but can you ever really take Jersey out of the girl?

Posted by Carolyn