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Always a Surprise: Shia LaBeouf

Always a Surprise: Shia LaBeouf

Image Source E Online

We all know him from Holes, but Shia LaBeouf‘s career has been a ride from start to finish – I mean it’s not over yet, but who else has had both a cartoon and an opera made about an alternate dimension where they are a cannibal? He has kept the adventure going while dabbling in performance art and even getting arrested during a protest over the past year. He is just not your average Hollywood persona — and I kind of love him for it. The fact that I view him as my kinda (ok, let’s make that really) weird cousin who shows his experimental films in the middle of family dinners makes me feel even worse about the box office sales from his latest movie, Man Down, in the UK… $26. Only three people went to the movie?? I mean movies often tank, but hopefully at least 1,000 people see the film before it’s pulled from the theater. So to LaBeouf, stay strong; and for the rest of us, go see the film because no one knows when Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf will be back for his box office revenge!

Posted by Emily H