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Amazon’s Next Target: Designer Fashion

common thread amazon

Amazon’s Next Target: Designer Fashion

Image Source: Stylecaster

When you think of Amazon, fashion isn’t typically one of the first things that comes to mind. Sure, the e-commerce giant has become one of the largest clothing retailers in recent years, even adding several of its own apparel brands, but many, myself included, are still a bit too skeptical about the quality of some of the clothing sold on the site to make it a “go-to” for restocking my wardrobe.

Well, it might be time to start looking at Amazon a bit differently when it comes to fashion. In partnership with Vogue and the Council of Fashion Designers of America, Amazon has launched an online storefront called “A Common Thread,” featuring pieces from independent high-end designers, with the goal of helping the struggling retailers through the COVID crisis.

It’s no secret that retail has taken a huge hit from the current pandemic, and it could take months before stores fully reopen and shoppers feel comfortable browsing and trying on clothes. Luxury fashion brands are certainly no exception, given that most shoppers want to see items in person before emptying their wallets. Amazon’s platform may not scream “luxury,” but it could be a saving grace for brands with piles of merchandise stocked up and nowhere to sell it.The question remains — will shoppers purchase designer items they can’t physically see and touch?

While we likely won’t be seeing Louis Vuitton bags or Prada pumps sold on Amazon, for now we can support smaller, independent designers from the safety and comfort of our own homes. And, if the rumors are correct, Amazon could have something even larger up its sleeve when it comes to high fashion. What will Bezos take on next?!

Posted by Erin