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Amenities Include.. Sex Dungeon?

Amenities Include.. Sex Dungeon?

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It’s not news that “Fifty Shades of Grey” has completely blown up in the last few years, making sadomasochism part of mainstream culture (to the dislikes of many a teenage parent), and allowing BDSM fanatics to come out of their red velvet and leather-covered chambers to proclaim to the world “I am NOT weird!” In fact, I wrote about the over-commercialization of the trilogy back in 2012 right here on And now, as soon as the risqué book series left our minds, it is back, with the impending release of the film next Valentine’s Day. (In case you are wondering, I will be there on opening night with my candy-filled purse, if only to drool over the incredibly hunky James Dorman for two hours).

If you haven’t seen the trailer, do yourself a favor.

With the upcoming release of the film, and the general hype surrounding the series, a local businessman in a tiny town in Spain has been inspired to open a bondage-themed hotel titled ‘Roissy Castle’, which would include, “’a public dungeon that is 500 square metres equipped with six areas with suspension equipment, various torture studs and St. Andrew crosses distributed around the room so that our guests can enjoy their games, exhibit themselves and share experiences with other visitors, as well as three private dungeons.” However, plans for the hotel have been halted after villagers complained that the property that would be converted to the hotel is too close to the village chapel.

So while we wait to see if this venture pans out, I am sure there are other bondage-themed hotels (or maybe just your local Motel 6?) for you BDSM kids to get your freak on.

Posted by Erin D.