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America Keeps it Crassy

America Keeps it Crassy

What do I love about being an Amurican (American in the famed George Dubya accent)? Everything! I especially love the way America can find a reason to drink to and celebrate anything.

What are our fellow Amuricans celebrating as of late? The death of Osama bin Laden, naturally. Popular food blog Eater recently posted a round-up of restaurants and bars  across the nation offering food and beverage deals, like complimentary champagne and cocktails, to celebrate the downfall of terrorism’s most iconic figure. A bar in Chicago is even throwing a full-fledged party (which aptly coincides with the bar’s 3rd birthday…) and offering up short-order libations like the “Osama Been Shot.” Clever! But be warned, there are some less, er…discreet items on other restaurant menus, like Filter’s in Chicago (see above photo). Let’s just say they found an appropriate context for naming their side dish freedom fries instead of french fires.

Consider this a friendly reminder that America knows how to keep it crassy! (Crass + classy, natch.)

Posted by Hannah

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