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‘American Idol’ Losers Win?

‘American Idol’ Losers Win?

‘American Idol’ continues to win the ratings race, averaging upwards of 20 million viewers on both Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Recently, host Ryan Seacrest promised a new twist on the old rules; the new rule further asserts that the judges and producers are beginning to take control of the final “winner.”

The new twist turned out to be a onetime-only save that the judges can use anytime during the current season. For example, if one contestant received the lowest number of votes by America and was kicked off the show, the judges could decide to “save” that contestant and essentially “eliminate” those elimination results giving the contestant another chance. Once this happens, the judges can’t save any more contestants for the entire season. Moreover, the week after the judges decide to save their contestant, two contestants will be eliminated by America.

If this rule was evoked during past seasons, who would have been saved? The short list includes Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson, Tamyra Grey, and Michael Johns – all who were kicked off “too early,” according to the judges. It seems that these early exits haven’t affected the careers of these “losers.” Chris Daughtry has a successful band and multiple top 40 singles, Jennifer Hudson has won an Oscar, Tamyra Grey has co-written songs for Jessica Simpson and Kelly Clarkson while successfully releasing her own debut album, and Michael Johns’ album will be released this year.

‘American Idol’ is based around the fact that America makes the final decisions and essentially picks the winner. With this new rule, the judges are forcing America to re-examine their decision. Best case scenario: America gives the least number of votes to the same contestant 2 weeks in a row. Julie’s early prediction: Lil Rounds (aka Fantasia Barrino circa 2009) will be saved.

Posted by Julie