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Americans Use the Chicken Emoji More Than Anyone Else

Americans Use the Chicken Emoji More Than Anyone Else

The creation of emojis was the texting God’s gift to us peasants who sometimes struggle to find the words we need to express our emotions. A red angry face with slanted eyebrows says so much more than the words “I’m extremely angry right now!” In college I studied how the texting habits of my generation reflect our country’s culture as a whole, but I never extended that research to incorporate emojis! Luckily Swiftkey took on the task, cultivating one BILLION pieces of emoji data that now offers a report of which countries use which emojis the most. While I won’t bore you with the analytics (though I find them very interesting), I’ll share a few of my favorites.












Snow, heterosexual love, no surprises here…












My interpretations on this one are NSFW…












Chicken…because we’re all fatties.

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It’s amazing how these little pictures have captured the essence of texting in 2015. My prediction for 2050? We’ll all be texting in only emojis, no words. Talk about a communication disconnect…

If anyone is interested in more educated findings on this emoji study check out the deets on scribd!

Posted by Christina