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America’s Bros Need Our Help

America’s Bros Need Our Help

Image source Youtube

If you went to college – hell, if you’ve ever been to New Jersey – you’ve definitely met a bro. They aren’t a subtle breed by any means. They are the sole reason that Axe Body Spray still exists and are often slathered in copious amounts of self-tanner. You can usually spot them getting “swoll” at the gym or talking macros and reps with anyone who will listen. But, this is why we love them.

Sadly, America’s bros are in danger says Organic Valley, a cooperative of 1,800 organic family farms across the country. That’s why they’ve launched a #SaveTheBros campaign, to help rescue the endangered species of male that we all love to hate (or, sometimes hate to admit that we secretly love. Shout out to my boy Pauly D!!). Organic Valley’s platform is simple – bros survive on protein shakes and most of these shakes are packed with chemicals and artificial additives that could be harming their otherwise cherished bodies. It’s a dangerous problem that must be stopped.

To help raise awareness for this alarming problem, Organic Valley launched an ad campaign to promote their new product – Organic Fuel, the first-ever organic milk protein shake on the market that is here to protect America’s bros – while having some fun with a few bro stereotypes. The campaign really does make you think, asking important questions like: “Without bros, who will remind us to go big or go home?” “What would happen to Las Vegas? Or the beaches of New Jersey?” and “Who’s going to make it rain?” Stop and let that last one really sink in. We need the rain.

Image source Youtube

The full video campaign definitely tugs at the heartstrings and is worth a watch so that you too can help to save a bro near you. Because let’s face it, they are innovators and an integral part of American society.

So, next time you see a bro pounding a protein drink stop and ask yourself: Without these bros, who’s going to make comments about your physique that aren’t appropriate, but still appreciated? Then maybe you’ll feel inclined to take a stand for their health.

The clubs need them. And so does America.

Posted by Amy