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America’s Favorite Writer QUITS

America’s Favorite Writer QUITS

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I don’t know about you, but my favorite part about getting Chinese takeout isn’t the food. The best part is the end when I crack open an oddly-shaped cookie and allow a tiny slip of paper to predict what my future will hold.

For years, fortune cookies have been the source of a few seconds of light humor during the wrapping up of a meal. So when I heard there’s been one genius behind the fun and he’s quitting after a 30 year stint, I found myself experiencing a weird and unexpected sense of dismay.

Wonton Foods, the largest fortune cookie manufacturer in the nation, hired Lao 30 years ago to write the inspirational messages inside their unique treats. Unfortunately, after three decades of dedication to churning out thought-provoking ideas, Lao developed a serious malady: writer’s block.

Although Lao is forgoing the duty of predicting Americans’ futures with witty one-liners, he’ll continue on with Wonton Foods as its Chief Financial Officer. But don’t despair, America! Lucky for us, upcoming fortune cookies won’t stray too far from the norm! Wonton Foods plans to keep the talent within the family as Lao’s nephew will take on writing responsibilities.

So the next time you find yourself chuckling over your fortune, send a mental thanks to Lao for making your night not just about eating takeout in your PJ’s at home but also for all of those words of wisdom. In bed.


Posted by Maya