An *Actual* Fairytale Wedding

In today’s world of Pinterest-perfect wedding planning, it’s hard to identify what your vision REALLY is. You may have hundreds of pins saved for those “One Day” dreams, but figuring out how to put them together into one cohesive vision is not easy. Burlap, greenery and flower walls sound all well and good but in reality, it’s a cluster-f&%k.

I’m in the throes of wedding planning and can say that I’m trying to avoid all of the time and money sucking details and, instead, am mostly concerned about just throwing a damn good party. And recently, I saw something that perfectly embodies this idea – a wedding bouncy castle.

Image Source: A Wedding Wonderland Facebook

I AM A HUGE FAN of bouncy castles and this is honestly a *dream* execution (side note: actually not kidding. I am renting a bouncy castle for my housewarming party this summer). As a veteran wedding guest who has seen it all, THIS would really make a celebration unforgettable.

And lucky for me, my groom is on the exact same page 😊:

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