An Exercise in Stereotyping, From Your Friends at Starbucks

As an occasional coffee drinker (okay, okay, maybe more like a full-on addict), I feel no shame in my elaborate Starbucks order (drink of the moment: a Grande, non-fat, extra-hot, two-pump, Cinnamon Dolce Latte) and could give two shits what the barista thinks about me. For those of you who still fear the judgmental eyes of your order-taker, a handy (read: borderline offensive) drink guide pulls back the curtain to reveal the inner-thoughts of the barista. Some very in-depth profiling led a Starbucks employee to produce this little gem, categorizing customers’ orders based on race, gender, age and occupation.

According to the chart, my order most closely resembles that of a soccer mom—Venti, non-fat, no foam, no water, extra-hot, double-cupped (w/ a sleeve) chai (or non-fat latte). Funny, I don’t recall having children.

What do you think?  Funny?  Distasteful?

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