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Is Angelina Jolie a PR Genius?

Is Angelina Jolie a PR Genius?

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Unless you’ve been avoiding the interwebz as of late, you have surely heard the shouts and murmurs surrounding Angelina Jolie’s move to divorce her husband of two years and partner of approx. 12, Brad Pitt. And while I care about the state of their celebrity union about as much as I care about keeping up with the Kardashians (read: not at all), I was intrigued when New York magazine posited that Angelina might just be a PR whiz.

Jolie filed for divorce on a Monday, and planned for TMZ to break the news on Tuesday. Per the NY mag piece, “By filing for divorce on a Monday, Angie left him with few avenues to make his case to the public: The major tabloids — PeopleUs WeeklyOK! — all go to press Monday night. The New York Post reports that none of the tabloids have Brangelina stories for this week; they won’t be able to ‘exploit the explosive and popular news story until Sept. 28, when next week’s issues start to hit newsstands.’”

Now of course, I know better than anyone that behind every great headline there is a great publicist, and odds are Angelina did not make these choices before consulting a team of 10 bleary eyed media pro’s deep. I also know that the headline “Jolie’s PR team is killin’ the game” would a) not be as good for clickbait and b) never in a million years be published. Still – I love the strategy here, and how it stems directly from an expert understanding of the media landscape and a sense of urgency like no other.

So kudos to team Jolie – celeb publicists extraordinaire.


Posted by Erin M.