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KFC’s Double Down: Angina in Sandwich Form

KFC’s Double Down: Angina in Sandwich Form

In the midst of this country’s staggering obesity epidemic, KFC is introducing an artery-clogging sandwich to its menu — and I use the term sandwich loosely. The Double Down combines two strips of bacon with slices of Monterey and pepper jack cheeses and a mysterious yellow condiment dubbed “Colonel’s Sauce” (a moniker implying more intimacy with the beloved spokesman than, I hope, was actually involved) between two slabs of fried chicken. That’s right, fried chicken in lieu of bread. Evidently, KFC didn’t think twice about the health reform legislation requiring chain restaurants to display calorie content on menus and drive-thru signs. And more to the point, what happened to the restaurant’s efforts to rebrand itself as a healthier fast food option?

The chain is appeasing its health-conscious clientele by offering the sandwich with grilled chicken, as if that will make the cellulite on your ass magically disappear. Just because this sandwich lacks buns, don’t think it will work wonders in tackling yours!

Posted by Abby