Another Reason Why I’m Addicted to Target

Can we take a moment to appreciate just how on point Target, the mother of all big box stores, has been lately? As a ~suburbanite~ who recently bought a house, Target has become my second home. At this point, it’s no longer just a store but more like a lifestyle.

For years, I frequented Tar-jay for some one-stop shopping and random clothing purchases when I was in a pinch. I joked about how Target steals my money and I always walk out with $100 worth of stuff I didn’t need. Yet, it wasn’t until I spent an entire stress-filled weekend renovating my fixer-upper with my family and declared I needed to make a Target run for a mental break that I realized that I’m in much deeper than I thought.

I quite literally buy everything there thanks to the influx of amazing new product lines recently, including Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Hearth & Home with Magnolia collection, Project 62 and A New Day. But the latest Opalhouse brand is a bohemian dream with colorful home décor additions that I can’t wait to incorporate into my home. As someone who is pretty allergic to bold color when decorating (#grayallday), this line has some perfect accent pieces to bring a little life into every room. Check it out yourself now that it’s available in stores and online, but here are some of my favorites:

Image Source: Target 

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