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Anything Your Instant Pot Can Do, My Dutch Oven Can Do Better

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Anything Your Instant Pot Can Do, My Dutch Oven Can Do Better

Image Source: @lodgecastiron

Yes, this in an ode to my favorite kitchen appliance; the one I didn’t realize I couldn’t live without until I bought it on Cyber Monday last year. It’s my enameled cast iron Dutch Oven! Sure, your pressure cooker might make a chili or a chicken stock in record time, but will it be as delicious as it could have been if you made it in a cast iron miracle worker? Absolutely not! If you are currently thinking “I love my Instant Pot, it makes food I need for sustenance with little to no effort on my end,” then you can just stop reading because clearly you are not a person who appreciates a perfectly braised, fall-off-the-bone short rib.

I could list a multitude of things that I have made in a pressure cooker that turned out sub-par that, when made in my cast iron pot, tasted like they’d get a five-star review: chicken stock, beef stew, various soups, my favorite osso buco recipe, to name a few. Why? The secret is in the cast iron, which we all know has the awesome ability to make everything (almost) taste like it came from a three-Michelin-star restaurant. In all seriousness though, it heats things from all sides, which means as liquid reduces it leaves behind those little crispy brown bits (aka Maillard browning) on the side, giving the final product a deep, dimensional flavor.

I know, they can be expensive, but there’s a reason Bon Appetit is always using them. Take it from me, if you care at all about your taste buds, a Dutch Oven is a necessity!

Posted by Catherine