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AOL Spins Me Round Round Baby

AOL Spins Me Round Round Baby

Pandora…yeah, I opened that box. And though I will say it is a pretty fantastic online music source, it tends to slow my computer wayyyy the f down. Not to mention, I can’t stand repetition AND I would rather swallow broken glass than listen to Jack Johnson, who seems to get peppered into whichever streaming station I choose from, be it Marilyn Manson or Enya.

Instead, I turn to AOL Spinner. Yes, that’s right, AOL. Despite charging their gullible non-tech savvy customers (hey ma!) for email and search capabilities, AOL does, in fact, offer a cool and useful tool in Spinner: endless choices for music lovers.

  • The Interface: Live Performances
  • Free MP3 Downloads: The name kind of says it all
  • Spinner Radio: 350+ Streaming Radio Stations
  • And my favorite, Listening Party: New full albums, in their entirety, for free! You’re also offered the opportunity to buy the album and get full lyrics, though I’m more of a hum along kind o’ guy.

Thanks to Spinner’s expertly-chosen and diverse music offerings I’ve caught advanced releases of Scarlet Johannson and Pete Yorn’s duet album, Jay-Z Blueprint, The Avett Brothers and Basement Jaxx. The albums are only available for a limited time, but variety is the spice of life…time to tune in!

Posted by Sam