Apartment Hunters International – On a Budget

I saw an ad on the T recently declaring, “If you wanted to overpay for everything, you would live in New York.” As a Bostonian, it made me wonder, is New York really that much more expensive than Boston? Am I really that poor at budgeting? Well, according to the New York Times, New York City rent is just about $0.80 more expensive per square foot than Boston – who claims to be New York’s affordable frenemy, according to the aforementioned ad.









Image via World Travel Guide

While New York City and London tie for the most expensive cities in the world, Boston also falls on the more expensive side of the scale, sitting pretty between Paris and Stockholm at $4.18 per square foot. With cities like Brussels, Madrid, Vienna, Frankfurt and Berlin falling under $2 per square foot, is anyone really surprised that more and more younger Americans are heading overseas? Is it necessary to put ads on public transportation that make me feel bad about my money management skills? Thanks to the trusty New York Times for giving some background information to wild claims on the T. Love you Boston, but you’re not cheap.

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