App Alert: iCall For All

I’m as chatty as they come…since kindergarten it’s been noted on my reviews that I need to stop gabbing and focus. Hence, my landing in a career that demands I socialize. So, one can only imagine the lessons learned with phone bills over the years. In response, I now just play it safe and get the unlimited plus plans, which are also endlessly expensive. Surprisingly however, I currently have some stockpile of rollovers in the thousands, so one would assume I’m paying too much for what I need. Yet, it’s better than the alternative of several-hundred-dollar overage charges. Somewhat of a lose/lose situation, but things may be looking up.

The Boston Herald reported on a new Skype-style application providing free internet-based phone calls, iCall. Options include either a $10 application download for unlimited calls or a free version which limits calls to 5 minutes and requires users to listen to advertisements at the beginning of each session. Using the VoIP application sidesteps a standard minute-based phone plan, potentially allowing users to downscale their monthly phone charges, relying instead on the internet and the phone’s 3G network for gab sessions. I’ve yet to thoroughly test-drive the new application, and internet phone connections are somewhat less reliable than standard mobile-to-mobile; however, this new application is an exciting option for customers who don’t have the patience to set up and use a separate Skype account, but would rather just stick with what they’re used to while still enjoying the benefits of this new technology. Skype has plans for its own iPhone app — coming soon.

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