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Apparently This is Awesome

Apparently This is Awesome

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Noah Ritter is now a star. Not many kids can say they had a viral video before they turned six years old. This adorable red head apparently loves fairs, spinning rides (but “freaked out and was scared half to death!”), has never been on live television, and steals the remote from Grandpa after they watch the Powerball numbers. And apparently, he likes the word “apparently.”

His fame then led him to appear on Good Morning America, where he told Michael Strahan that he used to like the Giants but his Grandpa brainwashed him into liking the Steelers; followed by a stint with the Today Show where he admitted to not knowing how to spell “apparently” or even what it means.

Noah, apparently, you are awesome, and apparently, you should probably have your own TV show (after becoming a paleontologist, of course.)

Posted by Amanda