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Apple Clips “2.0”

Apple Clips “2.0”

Image Source: Apple

When Apple first launched Clips back in April, it was done quietly; the app was sold as an easy way to edit your videos to post on social media. Six months later, Clips 2.0 has arrived— I can say that there is nothing quite like it available in the App Store, and I am addicted.

Clips brings all the functions of creating a video — recording, editing, reorganizing, compiling, publishing — into one user-friendly interface, making it feel like an easier version of iMovie or Final Cut. And while the value of having all these tools in one place may not have been clear in the first iteration of the app, 2.0 makes it even more obvious that this should be your “go-to” when you’re about to shoot a video. The buttons are more clearly labeled, the app allows a full-screen viewing of the video content you’re using, and it’s easier to have a friend take over the controls as you don’t have to know what you’re doing to make a masterpiece. Aka, it puts the kind of high-quality editing we would expect from a professional within reach of anyone with an iPhone!

It’s the revised features, though, that really sells the app. Take, for example, Live Titles. It’s real-time, on-video captioning done via the technology behind Siri. You can change the captions to a variety of different styles, colors, and on-video placements to make it easy for anybody to see what’s going on without having to turn on their sound. Or, you can use Posters to drop in animated graphics and custom texts between scenes to say what you mean without having to speak it.

The Effects and Stickers features as the most impressive upgrade, with a new feature called, Selfie Scenes. With Selfie Scenes, you can shoot a selfie video, but drop out the real-world background and replace it with another environment. Some scenes might also change the way you look to match the environment, for example, by turning you into a hologram aboard the Millennium Falcon. It’s all done in real time – so no need to go back and start from scratch after watching the footage playback after the fact. And there’s no rendering or time-consuming “loading” screens to sit through. Apple says it’s initially launching with ten Selfie Scenes, including Star Wars: The Last Jedi, as well as more general urban and nature scenes, and abstract art.

Okay, I don’t want to spill all the amazing details in this blog post. But if you aren’t sold on how cool Clips 2.0 really is, there’s one additional piece of information that might help you decide: the app is completely FREE to use and can be easily downloaded in the App Store right now. Give it a test drive; I’m fairly certain that you won’t be disappointed (and, like me, you’ll be waiting eagerly for the third iteration and what the team at Apple will come up with next).

Posted by Rebecca