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Apple Commits to Carbon Neutrality

apple climate change

Apple Commits to Carbon Neutrality

Image Source: Apple

Many Americans are becoming increasingly aware of the impending dangers of climate change in this country, and the urgency with which we must take action to curb these harmful effects. While many corporations have announced policies to help decrease the effects of climate change by reducing their own carbon footprints, Apple has recently taken this a step further. Last month, Apple premiered a new ad titled “A climate change promise from Apple.” The ad begins with footage of a newborn baby alone on a bed, and a man narrating over the video. He tells the child he is making a promise “between you and us and the planet.” He vows that “everything we make, the way we make it, and even how we use it, will be carbon neutral by your tenth birthday.”

This emotional ad is a creative way for Apple to share their company’s newest initiative – making their entire carbon footprint nonexistent by 2030. In the description for the video they explain that in April of this year, they reached their goal of being carbon neutral by using 100% renewable energy and investing in the restoration of various habitats to naturally remove carbon. However, by 2030 they promise to make every step of their process 100% carbon neutral. To do that, they’ll be “using renewable energy and recycled materials throughout [their] supply chain.” They also vow to continue restoring natural ecosystems worldwide, and reuse as many materials as they can.

While this is just one example, data from previous years illustrates the huge impact that corporations have on the environment. Apple’s latest promise is a great example of a large company tackling climate change head on, illustrating the urgency with which we must take these steps in order to preserve both ourselves and our planet.

Posted by Avery