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Apple Totally Gets Work from Home Life

work from home

Apple Totally Gets Work from Home Life

Image Source: Apple c/o Smuggler

In mid-March when we office workers packed our laptops with plans to work from home for an undetermined amount of time, I don’t think anyone thought we would still be here. Sure, working remotely has its perks – no dress code, no commute and no awkward small talk in the kitchen – but, I think we can all agree it’s no walk in the park. Between technology snafus, communication issues, distractions in the forms of kids and pets, and other challenges, it can be tough to navigate.

What’s made WFH life easier to handle is the knowledge that we are all going through the same thing, which is made evident by all of the memes, videos (SNL’s hilarious “Zoom call” sketch, a reporter caught with no pants on national TV, etc.) and other relatable posts on social media.

It’s only appropriate that Apple, with all of its products that make it easier for us to work on-the-go, released an ad that we WFH’ers can all relate to. A follow-up to an ad from 2019“The whole working-from-home-thing” follows a group of ambitious colleagues working on a time-sensitive project while navigating all of the regular struggles of #WFHlife. How will they do it? Using Apple products and all of their helpful productivity applications, of course! Apple even manages to squeeze in references to the Measure app and the scanning tool that iPhones and iPads are equipped with and many probably never use.

So, go ahead and watch the video and see how many references you can relate to. At almost seven minutes, it runs a bit long, but I assure you it’s worth it!

Posted by Erin