AR meets FB

Image Source: AdWeek

Facebook has upped the game for both marketers and consumers by releasing new augmented reality advertisements. If you’re familiar with Snapchat and its many interactive face-filters, you will recognize the same technology being used in your Facebook News Feed.

Companies such as Michael Kors, Sephora, Pottery Barn and more were the first to dive into this new age ad strategy. These new interactive ads will appear as they always have, embedded into the News Feed, but will now provide a new option to “Tap to try it on.” Using this feature will allow you to see how a product, such as a new lipstick, eyeliner, or pair of sunglasses, will look on yourself. Companies that manufacture furniture use the app to allow consumers to see how different pieces of furniture will look in their homes, just by using their camera.

Consumers can not only try the product on the go, but can also be directed to the website and make purchases all while still within the Facebook app.

With over two billion users, Facebook is a gold mine for advertising and marketing professionals and has evolved into a shopping platform for many consumers and users. This has opened a new dimension to an already monumental application by not only bridging the gap between friends, but now also between consumer and product.

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