Are You Team Yanny or Team Laurel?

This seemingly unanswerable question in the universe was BREAKING the internet last week. As long as you don’t live under a rock, I’m sure you’ve figured out which team you’re on by now. Not sure about you – but I’m all for Team Yanny.

As people continue to feud over the biggest internet debate since 2015’s black-blue/white-gold dress controversy, this year’s mind-boggling puzzle is giving me more hope. Why? Unlike the visual illusion where people either clearly saw blue/black or white/gold (not both), this Yanny-Laurel audio clip HAS an answer.

Thanks to the New York Times’ interactive audio tool, people are now able to hear both iterations of the clip. Follow this link to the embedded instrument and prepare your mind to be blown.

After all the hype, one part of me is hoping that the Yanny/Laurel debate will be put to bed, but the other part of me is secretly (and excitedly!) awaiting for the next viral dispute….

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