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We all know I’m’s resident shopaholic, so it seems only fitting to share with you my latest obsession. It’s multi-functional (score!) and stylish, so prepster or not, I know you will appreciate the newly launched Kate Spade Carousel Watch.

I don’t wear a watch and never have but when I saw these fun enamel bangles embedded with — you guessed it — a watch, I couldn’t help but suddenly feel the need to know the time. So I did what any girl with a tax return in hand would do — went out and bought it the day it hit stores. Buyer’s regret, what’s that?!

From hot pink and navy to teal and cream with polka dots, these complement every color palette and look great paired with other bangles stacked up your wrist. Like all Kate Spade bangles, there’s a fun message written on the interior of the watch that varies from color to color (think: tickled pink, crème de la crème, the calm before the storm, etc.)… adorable!

The only downside to this piece? The clasp is impossible to open! I literally have an imprint of a spade (hey, could be worse) on my thumb everytime I wear this piece. I guess fun arm candy comes with a price and speaking of prices, these retail for $250-$295 depending on the style.

Love some good arm candy? Take a picture of yours, tweet it at us and we’ll pin it on our Pinterest board.

Posted by Alyssa

Image source Kate Spade

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