Art is Dead. Jeans are Alive.

Three years ago I dumped my long-term, all-access cable TV subscription for not one, but two much younger and instantly gratifying streaming video sites – Netflix and Amazon Prime, and let me tell you, the three of us have never been happier. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss the monotonous channel surfing, bad reality TV marathons and educational PBS programs of my previous Comcast relationship, but I must admit, what I really miss the most are commercials. Now, I’m not talking your terrible local cable furniture warehouse screaming sessions or your Bob-O-Pedic Mattress Master reruns, I’m referring to the rare and elusive commercial that leaves you cackling on the couch while you forward the YouTube link to your friends.

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This year’s most masterful commercial series award goes to none other than Old Navy, which has finally dropped their colorful kiddy-pandering, family focused shtick and brought out the big guns: the tiny, blonde, comedic genius that is Amy Poehler. Each one of Old Navy’s 40 second commercials star Amy playing hysterically well-stereotyped roles such as a hippy-dippy spa concierge, bitchy restaurant hostess, neurotic lawyer, Judge Judy-esqe Judge, and my all-time favorite, a pretentious gallery owner, that from my past experience as a contemporary art gallery docent was so spot on it left me in hysterics.

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Not only is the SNL-esque repartee pure comedic gold, but each and every clip includes multiple borderline-gratuitous shots of the model’s very well-shaped derrière, that to be honest, actually make me want to go out and buy $19 Old Navy pants (coming from a person that has mild panic attacks in big-box department stores this is quite a feat). Well done, Old Navy, well done.

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