At Flirt, We Like It Raw

Flirt SushiIf you’re looking for a fun (and slightly scandalous) night out with your girlfriends or SO, look no further than Flirt Sushi Lounge. Located in Boston’s Financial District, the restaurant has three dimly lit tables and an equally small sushi bar that makes for an intimate dining experience. As Gypsy Kings play in the background, you can’t help but giggle when you first look at the menu. But, please compose your inner 13 year old when ordering.

Nibbles, aka appetizers, include Japanese classics like Mi-so Horny Soup and Dirty Seaweed Salad, along with the Bed for Two (yellow tail between two beds of rice, topped with caviar) or Menage a Trois (salmon marinated in three different oils). The Funky Flirt Rolls are the restaurant’s signature and are larger than average (never a bad thing). Be a gentleman and start with the Foreplay (black pepper tuna, avocado with eel and salmon on top, tempura flakes) followed by the Climax (lobster, avocado, cucumber, and caviar). The Not-So-Classic Rolls are slightly smaller but will still leave you satisfied. Try the Both Ways with spicy salmon and tempura asparagus or the Down Under featuring spicy salmon and avocado with kiwi on top if you’re feeling a bit risqué.

Sorry, there are no cigarette breaks after this steamy sesh. But, they do offer mints and condoms so you can continue elsewhere.

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