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Attention: Calorie Counters

Attention: Calorie Counters

You know that oh-so-delicious chocolate-covered, chocolate chip scone you admire every morning at the local coffee shop…the one you stay away from because you can only imagine how many calories it has in it? Well, my friend, you are in luck. Buy that scone and take its picture.

Food porn? Not exactly; instead, we’re going to have you calculate the scone’s calories with Meal Snap, a new mobile application that is able to tell users how many calories are in the food items they photograph. Now you can officially determine whether or not items like your beloved scone are really that bad for you.

The application will provide users with a calorie range for the item, but be forewarned:  the range is for one serving, so if you get scone happy, they’re not taking responsibility for your weight gain. Also, if you’re loading up that ham and cheese with extra, extra mayo, the application won’t account for add-ons (or cellulite).

Using algorithms (damn, you mathematicians who can make millions off of numbers!) and recognition systems, the application can give a user enough information to let them know a rough estimate of how many calories they’re consuming.

This application is amazing for those who want to play it by the book (or the app in this case) and watch what they eat. However, in my opinion, no matter the calorie count, one thing is for certain—life is short. Eat the damn cake and enjoy every bite.

Posted by Alyssa

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