When I was young, I used to walk to the closest 7-Eleven and pick up a medium Slurpee and a bag of gummies. Looking back, this may be the cause of all of the cavities I needed filling when I hit 15, but I’m going to plead the Fifth and say that I had no idea how bad they were for you… even if I DID feel the need to hide what I was buying and consuming from my parents by throwing wrappers out in random garbage cans on my walk home. I was a rebel.

Aside from the chart of nutritional facts that I avoided, I also tried not to think of what they were made of. Just like the time I found out about hotdogs, I think that my life has changed…. forever.

For those of you with a weak stomach, watch at your own risk.

Video source Vimeo

RIP to my gummy addiction.


Posted by Emily.

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