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“Aub-Rih” is Officially a THING

“Aub-Rih” is Officially a THING

Image source US Weekly

Hot off the press! After many years of speculation, US Weekly has confirmed that Drake and Rihanna are a couple (!), a match (!), a pair (!), for the first time EVER, after keeping me (and the general public) guessing for years and years. Cosmopolitan generously has outlined the whole saga of their relationship for us, taking it back to when the two first met in 2005. Geesh, it’s been a long road.

Lately, the signs have been pretty clear that something was up. At the recent VMA’s, Drake presented the Lifetime Achievement Award to Rih-Rih, confessing his longtime love to her and going in for a big ole kiss. He even purchased a billboard in L.A. to commend her on this accolade. Where do I find a guy that’ll buy me a billboard? Is that really too much to ask?? Most notably, they were both seen sporting matching camouflage shark tattoos, after Drake allegedly won her a shark stuffed animal on a date to the aquarium.

The duo, who is dubbed “Aub-Rih” (after Drake’s given name Aubrey) by many, has now risen to the top of the entertainment industry couple power rankings, coming in a close second to Jay-Z and Beyoncé, in my humble opinion. Undoubtedly two of the most talented artists of our generation, their union is breaking hearts across the globe, even though it’s been a long time coming. I’m glad Drizzy finally locked down his dream girl, although I’m still convinced I’m his #1. If you ever break up Drake…make my hotline BLING!


Posted by Anne.