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People love Lady GaGa. I guess there is something inspiring about how she dares to be different (or just herself?); it must be nice to have an entire globe be so supportive of your complete weirdness…I can’t even get my friends and family to understand my compulsive need to pluck coarse strands from my head (it’s a disease people! And yes, it has a name, trichotillomania!), let alone my obsession with The Nanny. Yet somehow, Lady GaGa is just so awesome that she can get away with substituting raw meat for clothing with hardly any criticism. Unbelievable.

What’s more unbelievable is that GaGa’s influence has become so mainstream and commendable that daily city newspaper, metro, and V magazine have decided to incorporate the star’s lyrical prowess into their publications. That’s right, Lady Gaga is now also a writer/editor.

A recent edition of metro divulged the exciting information that she will be editing the May 17th issue of the national paper. Additionally, V reported that GaGa is coming on as a new columnist for the magazine. What kind of columnist, you ask? A FASHION COLUMNIST!

In WHAT UNIVERSE does Lady CrayCray have the authority to write about fashion? Of course, fashion is an art form, a form of self-expression, and designer runway shows can certainly demonstrate the impractical, over-the-top side of it (I mean honestly, who is going to wear a see-through poodle skirt as her bottoms, and hold a baby lamb stuffed animal for her shirt?), but I don’t think it justifies having a woman who wears a frock made out of a zillion Kermit the Frog heads as relatable fashion advisor.

Posted by Hannah

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