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Awkward Family Photos

Awkward Family Photos

Remember the days when in order to see your photos, you had to run to the store and actually wait for them to be developed? When the inevitable embarrassing or unattractive shot was captured for ever-lasting mockery? One of my favorite weekend activities is raiding my parent’s photo albums and being reduced to tears (of laughter) seeing what funny things have been deemed necessary to remember for eternity.

Exciting news for those of you who share my enthusiasm for self-deprecation and laughing at others’ misfortune: Awkward Family Photos is now available in print (released this past Sunday). Mike Bender, who founded the site alongside Doug Chernack, recently explained that “the popularity of the pair’s website made putting out a book a no-brainer.” This newest addition to your collection of coffee table books debuted at the top of the New York Times bestseller list!

Expect plenty of babies making faces, awful, uncomfortable family Christmas photos (including adults in matching onesies), and images that provoke a “what’s wrong with this picture” search (i.e. gun rack above toddler’s bed). Who are we kidding, though? We love this stuff, as proven through the large number of personal photos submitted to the site.

While I, myself, haven’t sent anything in to Bender or Chernack, I do have a collection of my own “awkward family photos.” Congratulations to my cousin, Sam (above), on your graduation from Syracuse University!

Posted by Haley