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Baby, You’re Smokin!

Baby, You’re Smokin!

This just in folks: the smoking baby’s a quitter.

Indonesian toddler, Ardi Rizal, just two years old, became a globally recognized internet sensation earlier this year when video surfaced of the giggly chubster puffing on his very own cigarette. Rizal’s addiction reached two packs — or 40 cigarettes — per day at its worst, and his parents admitted to letting it happen so as to avoid the temper tantrums thrown if he didn’t get one (withdrawal’s a bitch!).

Well, after a 30-day rehab program, he’s off the stuff (you hear that, Lindsay?).  All he has to do is remain in a smoke-free environment, and he should be good, says Arist Merdeka Sirait, chairman of Indonesia’s National Commission on Child Protection. Yeah, ok. Considering tobacco companies are among the top 10 advertisers in Indonesia and his parents are nitwits, I’m not so sure about Rizal’s success.

Only time will tell. Don’t fall off the wagon, kid!

Posted by Haley