Back to Where It All Began

Image source MSNBC

According to the Corallium Spa in the Canary Islands, sleepless nights and insomnia can be eliminated through a spa treatment designed to create a protective, relaxing environment similar to a mother’s womb. No joke.

En route to the luxurious “womb room” you’ll begin by walking down a hallway of pink carpet, known as the “neck of the uterus.” Enter a low-lit room with pink carpet, “blood-coloured” water beds, and soft playing music that is described as “breathy.” (Freaked out yet?) To top it off, the room revolves slowly to “simulate a giant umbilical cord.”

I can only wonder whether I’d find this comforting or terrifying. One thing I do know is that this room brings more than a few questions into my head—for starters, what expert declared the womb to be so friggin relaxing? Do they clearly remember those months being fed through a tube while stuck in a pool of watery darkness? If so, props to those memory skills (you are full of it) … because I know my claustrophobic self would be screaming, “get me out of here woman!”

Let me put it another way: if we were already trying to escape after 9 months, I sincerely doubt we’d want back in.

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