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Back to Where It All Began

Back to Where It All Began

Image source MSNBC

According to the Corallium Spa in the Canary Islands, sleepless nights and insomnia can be eliminated through a spa treatment designed to create a protective, relaxing environment similar to a mother’s womb. No joke.

En route to the luxurious “womb room” you’ll begin by walking down a hallway of pink carpet, known as the “neck of the uterus.” Enter a low-lit room with pink carpet, “blood-coloured” water beds, and soft playing music that is described as “breathy.” (Freaked out yet?) To top it off, the room revolves slowly to “simulate a giant umbilical cord.”

I can only wonder whether I’d find this comforting or terrifying. One thing I do know is that this room brings more than a few questions into my head—for starters, what expert declared the womb to be so friggin relaxing? Do they clearly remember those months being fed through a tube while stuck in a pool of watery darkness? If so, props to those memory skills (you are full of it) … because I know my claustrophobic self would be screaming, “get me out of here woman!”

Let me put it another way: if we were already trying to escape after 9 months, I sincerely doubt we’d want back in.

Posted by Susan