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Backstreet Will Always Be Back.

Backstreet Will Always Be Back.

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I remember it like it was yesterday. I was seven years old in the 2nd grade as I sat in the elementary school cafeteria sipping on a Hi-C fruit punch box. I took a break from sucking down the sweet juice and gabbing with my friends to examine the box (side note: calorie counting was a term I knew, but would not understood the meaning of until after puberty). Upon turning the box over, I found not the calorie table of hell, but a picture of five guys standing against a brick wall looking fly as f*&k with the title “Backstreet Boys” above. In that moment, I knew that life would never be the same.

I was what they called a “Nick girl,” naturally attracted to his cute white-blond bowl cut, soft features, and wailing of “am I sexual” during Backstreet’s Back.

He was the ideal man and member of the group, as Howie was too mature, Brian looked like a monkey, AJ was too freaky, and Kevin was too mysterious for my seven year old liking. To this day, I feel the same.

During my time as a Backstreet Boys fan, I acquired six albums and attended three concerts (full disclosure: two after the age of 16). When faced with *NSYNC lovers, I was always ready to fight knowing that my “boys” were better than the bubble gum, pop-loving, macaroni-haired rival. And it’s the God’s honest truth.

Now that you know my not-so-secret childhood obsession, you’ll imagine my excitement when I found out that they released a documentary last week. I repeat, A DOCUMENTARY. It’s called “Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of” and it is sure to please both seven year old AND 23 year old Emily. Let me know what you think. And those Backstreet Boys?  They’re > *NSYNC, now and always.

Posted by Emily