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Bad TV Roundup – The office’s favorite guilty pleasures.

Bad TV Roundup – The office’s favorite guilty pleasures.

Lately, not a day goes by in the office without some reference to HBO’s True Blood. Usually it’s some kind of random comment about Vampire Bill’s hotness or Jason Stackhouse’s killer abs. That got us to thinking about our other TV guilty pleasures.

Aaron “A&E’s Intervention”– This holy train wreck of a show has me laughing and crying simultaneously. It’s a must see Monday spectacular. Where else can you watch a documentary about a woman addicted to aerosol computer cleaner?

Sam “Little Britain USA” – “Call me Bubbles dahling, everybody does!” Bawdy British Sketch at its best!

Julie “House” – I can’t stop watching this pill popping bastard who spends most of his time berating his patients and co-workers, and the rest of his time pondering medical symptoms like hallucinations and rectal bleeds. Don’t forget – House moves to Monday nights in 2009! Between Heroes, 24, Gossip Girl, House, and The City…my DVR is screwed.

Marlo “The Family Guy” – A relatively recent cable convert, once it was installed I lost my ability to record on my VCR. That means I missed the entire season of Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy because I’m never home on Thursday nights and haven’t figured out the whole DVR thing yet. (I know, I know…pathetic.) With the addition of cable, however, watching marathon episodes of The Family Guy has become commonplace Chez Marlo. I still don’t really get who exactly can hear Stewie (it seems like everyone except Lois?) and how in the hell a talking, cigarette-smoking, martini-swilling dog is a part of the family…but for anyone who loves clever writing and references to pop culture, I can see why Seth MacFarlane is considered by many to be genius.

Jillian “Real Housewives of the OC” – This is the original Real Housewives series on Bravo. I must admit that I grew extremely fond of the Real Housewives of Atlanta with their edgy attitudes, weaves, and all. I was sad to see that season end. However, that did not stop me from tuning into the this season’s OC cast of “hot” returning wives who are not so welcoming to the new wives, Gretchen a 29 year old engaged to a 60+ year old and Lyn, a mom with a banging body, but nothing else. I can’t get enough of this Tuesday night sensation and must admit that the scenes of Cali make me want to venture there at every shot to the ocean, rodeo drive, and so on. That is until one of the wives screams “I’m the hottest wife in the OC, so watch out” that I’m suddenly brought back to reality and find myself saying, “I can’t believe I watch this” time and time again…

Elizabeth “90210” – Can’t help but feed off the atrocious lines, acting, and facial expressions. Ozzie: My friend bet me 50 bucks that I couldn’t get you to dance with me. I’ll split it with you.  Naomi:  I’ll give you a hundred to go away now.  Lord knows I was also dying to know who the father of Kelly’s baby was.

Nicole – Where do I start? Rock of Love Tour Bus (I mean, really, what’s a Blondetourage without Pumpkin?) – The City (where Whitney actually makes LC look like Kelly Ripa, piss and vinegar-wise, in comparison) – The (new) Bachelor (despite the fact that even the season trailer manages to make the show look boring – now that’s a feat!) – Bromance (I have had many a heated debate with people who think Brody comes off looking like a tool for agreeing to this opportunity – I think, hey, if people wanted to vie to be my bestie on TV, who am I to stop them???)…basically, there’s nothing that I watch that I’m not slightly embarrassed by.  And for the record, I staunchly oppose MTV’s new plight to clean up the Real World by moving away from the hookups and focusing more on the cast’s dynamic personalities (am I being Punk’d?)…Mary-Ellis Bunim must be rolling over in her grave.