Badabing! Your Friends Without Clothing – Instantly!

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If technology wasn’t weird enough, now there’s an iPhone app that allows you to immediately find your friend’s sexy photos from Facebook…SMH. For a small fee of $1.99, you can be the proud owner of an app that sifts through friends’ albums looking for sexy pics and puts them all in one place for your viewing convenience. May I present Badabing – the answer to your Facebook creeping prayers.

The app works similarly to facial-recognition technology, but instead of identifying faces, Badabing identifies body and bikini shape. With Facebook users uploading about 2.5 billion photos to Facebook per month, you’ve probably crept through (admit it – you’re guilty) vacation or party photos in an attempt to find bikini or scantily clad pics of a friend, crush, or that bitch you love to hate. But thanks to this cyber solution, no more.

If you’re simultaneously laughing and wondering who the hell would download this app, you should know that after the recent launch, it crashed due to so many simultaneous downloads! A web version of the app is currently in the works, but in the meantime, edit your privacy settings on social media and only upload photos you’d want your mother to see, because creeping has officially reached a new low. Talk about a badabing!

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