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Balls and Nuts

Balls and Nuts

You may have seen my post on why Gronk was the real winner of the Super Bowl last year. From his infamous “Yo Soy fiesta” quote to his unique (if you want to call them that) dance moves, Gronk is the coolest cat around these days. While his image in the media is often portrayed as a goofball who likes to strut his stuff to Tay Swift on his party bus, every now and again his softer side comes out (and I’m not just talking about these Gronk and kitty photos!).

At a recent kick-off for the 25th annual Rodman Ride for Kids, a non-competitive ride that raises millions for at-risk children in Massachusetts, Gronk was all about the kiddos. Unfortunately, the media cared more about a deflated pigskin than kids in need, so they started pestering him with questions about #deflategate. His reaction to it all? Priceless.

And for all of you who live under a rock, this is where the “deez nuts” reference comes from….

It’s always nice to see celebs use their power for good. While people may criticize Gronk for not being the brightest bulb in the box, he is a master at PR. He took the two things that everyone is talking about these days (balls and nuts), got our attention and reminded us that that instead of worrying about deflated balls and Youtube videos, it’s time we all hop on a bike and support the kiddos and maybe, just maybe, they will turn out better than the generation that is currently obsessing over such silliness.

P.S. Gronk, we’re hiring…

Posted by Christina