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Bang With Friends: Changing the Poking Game on Facebook Since 2013

Bang With Friends: Changing the Poking Game on Facebook Since 2013

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Need to reconnect with your friends on Facebook? Now the new “Bang With Friends” Facebook app can help you connect on a whole new level.

Yes, it’s exactly like it sounds. “Poking” your friends on Facebook has become an actual reality! All bad jokes aside, the homepage’s photo leaves no doubt as to what the app provides. Sex. With friends.

So what’s so revolutionary? If you’re on an online dating site, into the nightlife scene, or without interest in a long-term relationship, now you can skip all the talking and get right down to the deed – on Facebook. The app allows you to click on pictures of your friends who you want to hook-up with and – if the feeling is mutual – you’ll receive a notification from them!

This app puts Tinder (the other new social/dating app) to shame. While Tinder is good for late night laughs with your friends, Bang With Friends has 4 simple steps and provides instant gratification… if you know what I mean. Let me break down just how simple it is to hook-up with friends on this app:

1)     Sign in with Facebook
2)     Select the friends you want to hook-up with
3)     Message each other discreetly and anonymously
4)     Meet up and well… you know.

I’ll leave you to research the rest of the dirty deets, since the subject is already a little NSFW. Check it out for yourself and see if any of your friends are using this classy connection tool.

Posted by Carolyn