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Barbie vs. Lady Gaga

Barbie vs. Lady Gaga

If these two blonde bombshells were to go head to head in a celebrity death match, who would you put your money on? Considering one is plastic, I’d say this is a no-brainer.

All bets aside, I couldn’t help but ogle over this spread in the “2010 Entertainers of The Year” issue of Entertainment Weekly featuring Barbie as none other than Lady Gaga.

Over the years, Barbie has played many different roles. From a nurse and a bride to a ballerina and a lifeguard, it seems Barbie’s latest undertaking is…well, a little bit different from her past. From raw meat couture to beer can curlers; Lady Gaga, the widely dubbed queen of pop, has brought fashion to a new (and interesting) level during her time in the limelight.  Who better than Barbie to model it?

The multi-page spread entitled “The Year of Gaga” showcases Barbie as Gaga at the MTV Video Music Awards, kickin’ back and relaxing at Citifield, on tour for The Monster Ball, and in several scenes from her music video, “Telephone”. Leather, fishnets, a raw meat dress, and masturbating in jail…Ken would be SO ashamed!

Seriously, who needs a celebrity death match when you have photos of Barbie flicking off readers? That’s risqué enough for me.

Posted by Alyssa