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Cast Your Vote for Barbie’s Next Career

Cast Your Vote for Barbie’s Next Career

It’s probably safe to assume every little girl has owned or played with a Barbie. Hell, even as a little boy I dressed her in beachwear, undressed her for giggles and may have even braided her hair. Barbie is a cultural icon and has remained a profitable toy for Mattel, selling more than one billion dolls and expanding into books, clothing, video games, movies, makeup and television.

Since her launch in 1959, Barbie has been the center of controversies and constant changes. Fifty years later, she has more accessories and clothing than Mariah Carey, owned more pets than Michael Jackson, and held more jobs than P. Diddy ever will. From driving cars to operating commercial airliners, she’s a hardworking woman who has empowered young girls to dream big. She has proven women can do just about anything and that there are many different lifestyles or professions available to them, including doctor, Air Force fighter pilot, police officer, president, and many, many more.

To celebrate her 50th anniversary, Mattel has launched a “Vote for Barbie’s Next Career” campaign to give fans the opportunity to determine her next job. With more than 120 careers under her belt, what will Barbie be next? You can cast your vote at “Vote for Barbie’s Next Career” with the results being revealed on February 12, 2010. I say be an environmentalist, B, and help inspire young girls to save our planet!

Posted by Justin