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Baseball 101: Introducing the Red Sox of 2014

Baseball 101: Introducing the Red Sox of 2014

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If you’re like me, you love beer. And your love of beer usually leads you to bars (who have beer). And soon, those bars are going to be overrun with another kind of people who love beer: Sox fans.

Opening day is April 4th and it’s approaching fast. And whether this blog post serves as a reminder to stay the hell away from Fenway/Kenmore that day (ugh, traffic!) or got you thinking, “Maybe I should brush up on my baseball knowledge?” I’m here to help.

Don’t know anything about baseball? Here are some basics:

  1. Since we started with beer in mind, make sure to grab yours before the 7th inning stretch – that’s when they stop serving!
  2. Each team plays 162 games in a regular season. At an average of 5 ½ dozen balls per game, that’s…a lot of balls (157,950, to be more exact).
  3. There are 9 innings in a regular season game. The longest game ever recorded was 33 innings long and 8 hours and 25 minutes of actual game play.
  4. The first World Series was played between Pittsburgh and Boston in 1903 (Boston won!).
  5. When looking at outs vs balls on the TV at your favorite bar, remember it’s in alphabetical order (BALLS-OUTS).

Was the previous list too basic for you? Here is Sox-specific knowledge for the upcoming season:

  1. In case you were living under a rock, the Sox won the World Series last year. If they win again, it will be the first team to repeat championships since the Yankees won three in a row between 1998-2000.
  2. Ben Cherington is going into his second year as Sox manager. With one Series title under his belt already, I say he’s doing pretty well.
  3. Jarrod Saltalamacchia is now playing catch for the Miami Merlins. Sigh, I always loved seeing that name on jerseys.
  4.  The biggest lost in trades has been the Sox leadoff hitter, Jacob Ellsbury, and short stop, Stephen Drew.
  5.  Last year the Sox ended with 97 wins and 65 losses. Not to mention, winning the World Series (although it’s hard to mention it too often).

If nothing else, I hope these lists will leave you confident enough to chat up the cute guy/girl next to you with a baseball jersey on and ‘Gansett in hand. Go Sox!

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