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Bat a…Car Lash?

Bat a…Car Lash?

I love the fact that a couple from Utah came up with the idea for CarLashes, large eyelashes that attach to your car’s headlights to make the front of your car look like a flirty face. I first saw them on and was blown away. It’s one thing to come up with the idea for a wacky product while socializing over a few beers with friends or daydreaming on your commute, but this couple actually went as far as getting them produced, patented and sold online (and added a second style with crystal eyeliner above the “lashline”). Can you imagine the reactions the founders get every time they describe what they’re trying to sell? Would you (or anyone you know) put CarLashes on a car and drive all around town with them? It looks like someone out there is buying them because almost 2000 CarLashes have sold since June. At $25 per pair, that’s $50,000 in revenue and were even unique enough to grab the attention of a CNN producer. Hey, even if they’re not your style, at least give some props to the entrepreneur couple from Utah who took these flirty  lashes to  market!

Posted by Brianne