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Beam Me Up Scotty!

Beam Me Up Scotty!

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Beauty Angel, Baby Quasar, Omnilux. No, I’m not naming the newest line of pocket Tasers, far flung galaxies or runway trends – today we’re talking tanning. The hottest thing to hit tanning and beauty salons over the past year will not turn your skin into a pre-cancerous crisp, but instead reverses the damaging effects that the sun has wrought on your delicate exterior over the years.

I found myself stepping into a Beauty Angel for the first time last month with the hopes of getting rid of the pesky scars, freckles and fine lines that have been pugnaciously accruing since my college days. The treatment touts its healing rays beam away everything from fine lines, age spots, and scars to more aggressive skin concerns such as burns, rosacea and psoriasis. The newest beds, such as the terrifyingly named Baby Quasar, come equipped with pulsing full body collagen boosting vibration devices that – from my experience – mimic an earthquake measuring a 7+ on the Richter scale.

Thirty days later I do feel slightly fairer and freckle free but, as a serial skeptic. am not a full convert of the new beauty trend (and was disappointed that the portal-like pod does not double as a teleportation device as its name and appearance suggest). Oh, and have I mentioned that they talk? Or rather (somewhat aggressively, I might add) demand that you drink more water, unlock your knees, and hold on tight (I received similar lectures prior to my first hang-gliding experience).

What’s the bottom line on these heavenly contraptions? If your freckles cause you daily despair and you have wads of extra cash lying around (we’re talking $150+ a month), then by all means the Beauty Angel is your new best friend and has been scientifically proven to remove both blemishes and dollar bills from your personage.

Posted by Jenna