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Bears, Beets, Bridal Shower…

Bears, Beets, Bridal Shower…

Image Source: The Hollywood Reporter 

Bridal Showers are a doozy. A bunch of women “oooo-ing” and “aahhhh-ing” over a crockpot is my own personal hell. I’m not saying I wouldn’t have one if I were engaged (because, presents, duh…), but I’d spice it up as best I could.

When I read that a woman had an Office-themed bridal shower, it gave me hope. Friends of Fort Lauderdale’s Kayleigh Brown went all out, and it looked #epic. From a Meredith-themed mimosa bar to “Serenity by Jan” candles as party favors, these ladies crushed it.

Here’s some snippets that made me LOL.

The Photobooth

I may or may not have found Kayleigh on IG and stalked her life for a good 35-40 minutes…

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@christinehogwild, you’re so creative and wonderful and talented and beautiful and I could literally go on and on. Your kindness is off the charts and knowing we get to be friends LITERALLY forever makes me want to cry tears of happiness. Thank you for being an incredibly thoughtful and wonderful maid of honor so far, and one of the best friends I will ever have. I love you. ❤️ @littlelaurengrace, you truly are a shining example of what fierce friendship means. Thank you for LITERALLY everything. I love that it doesn’t matter what we’re doing, wether watching The Office on the couch or running errands, I have the absolute best time with you. I love you so much and will never be able to express what it means to have you in my life. ❤️ @littledebz your attention to the little details that you specifically go out of your way to do are so thoughtful and truly shows your character. You have the biggest heart and care so deeply for others. Thank you for always making me laugh, for caring about me, for but mostly for being a wonderful friend. I love you. ❤️ @dat_lilpb, You’re always doing things for others and I value and trust your opinion so highly. You’re smart and hilarious and wonderful. Thank you for being a part of my life. It wouldn’t be the same if you weren’t and I love you. ❤️ @erinodea, your talent and honesty and overall bad-assery are only the tip of the iceberg. I truly have to stop and pinch myself sometimes because I feel so lucky to be your friend. I love you and am so proud to watch your successes. I will ALWAYS cheer you on and have your back. Thank you for having mine. ❤️ @brandeelamb, you’re truly a friend who goes above and beyond to make someone feel loved. From the moment I met you, I knew I wanted to be friends with you, and im so glad the universe felt that way too. Being your friend has made me a slightly less cynical person, because if everyone were like you, the world would be better. I love you. @spellboundsama thank you for always being such a positive influence in my life. You radiate happiness and you LITERALLY are the definition of enthusiasm when it comes to friendship. Thank you for being in my life and I love you. ❤️

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Michael Scott #Inspo

Classic Michael Scott….classic!

m. blog marlo marketing thats what she said
Image Source: HuffPost 

The Cookies 

Okay, okay….I stalked her Facebook too.

Image Source: Kayleigh Kill 

And my personal favorite…

Meredith Mimosa Bar 

If only we were all as honest as Meredith…

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Image Source: Kayleigh Kill

I want Kaleigh to be my new best friend and you bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be stalking her IG throughout the wedding. I’m expecting Jim & Pam level here, Kaleigh. Your friends best be bustin’ moves to Chris Breezy as they walk down that aisle, because if they don’t, are they even really your friends? And hey, if you have an extra invite, I’m in.

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