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I’m a Junkie for This Blog

I’m a Junkie for This Blog

My iGoogle homepage is filled with RSS feeds from a ton of blogs so I can see every post real-time and stay up-to-the-minute on the latest trends and news topics. Since blogs are spreading like wildfire on the internet, publicists everywhere are making sure that the writers of those blogs are pitched on a regular basis — as if they are just as important as national magazine editors. I’m not denying how influential a blogger can be so, believe me, they’re ALWAYS informed about our clients’ news.

One of my favorite blogs is Beauty Blogging Junkie, which is an amazing way for all of us beauty “junkies” to hear about the latest in make-up, skincare and haircare trends. The blogger, Amber Katz, actually went to college with me at Boston University. She now lives in NYC and runs one of the top beauty blogs in the country. Her site is my “go to” for everything beauty. In all honesty, there’s really no need to visit another beauty blog (I cringe in the hope that all my other beauty-blogging contacts don’t blacklist me for saying that!). If anything, her blog is one that other aspiring beauty bloggers should use as a learning tool.

Amber’s blog is “powered by” Total Beauty, a parent company (I guess you can call it that!) to top beauty blogs. She’s been a member of Total Beauty since November of 2007. I’m pretty sure that’s one of every beauty blogger’s goals and Amber made it happen. Good for her! Amber works full time and runs the blog on the side. She’s one busy beauty bee! I talked to her last week and she told me she goes to an event or two every night during the week and she’s invited to several hosted events during the workday that she usually has to decline because she’s working at her full-time gig and can’t dash out. Every once in a while she’ll take a vacation day or half day for a special event that’s really exciting, like the Bendel’s Beauty Breakfast she recently attended, for example. I don’t blame her! Amber also told me she receives about 50 pitches a day from beauty publicists which, again, confirms my statement that she’s one of the best.

Some of my favorite posts from Amber include her tip on a great eye balm (notice my comment!) and, selfishly enough, her rave review of a product from my client, Dermelect Cosmeceuticals. Thanks, Amber, for being a witty, informative, honest and an “in the know” beauty fanatic sharing the inside scoop!

Posted by Brianne